Over 10 years of activity in protein product industry, Koosha Setareh Iranian has cooperated with various manufacturers. With the goal of providing safe and reliable products, as well as sending halal religious supervisor and hygiene supervisor, this company has set specific criteria for manufacturers. Our experts are always measuring these standards to determine whether they are achieved so, our manufacturers are chosen based on the inspection results.

Koosha Setareh Iranian in addition to providing a major part of its products from MINERVA , has continuously collaboration with other prestigious brands between the Brazilian meat suppliers such as SADIA, JBS, MATABOI, ABBEYFEILD and etc.

MINERVA is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of beef, leather, live cattle and cattle byproducts in Brazil. By having various slaughterhouses in different states of Brazil, MINERVA has daily slaughter capacity of over 11,500 head of cattle and beef deboning capacity of 2,240 tones.