Koosha Setareh Iranian International Corporation has been committed to protein product industry relying on 25 years of its managers experiences. Through applying modern technology and using experts for its manufacturing process, this company can play a major role in improving nutrition quality and promoting healthy lifestyles.

After joining the IMPORTER'S GROUP OF PROTEIN PRODUCTS, Kosha Setareh is one of the largest importers of Brazilian frozen beef and chicken meat and the only importer of German vacuum-packed beef (no frozen) in Iran. Koosha prides itself on being steward of THE STATE LIVESTOCK AFFAIRS LOGISTIC INC. OF IRAN and MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, MINE AND TRADE. Therefore, it plays a significant role in performing market regulation policy.

Given the critical role of the company's food safety products, our experts select livestock and poultry in appropriate age range (livestock age between 12 and 24 months, poultry age between 46 and 55 days). Koosha's overseers evaluate slaughterhouses environmental and manufacturing conditions and defined standards before signing a contract. Thus, our company has always worked with the most modern industrial slaughterhouses in the world. The leading edge of Koosha Setareh is its supervisory control in production process, packaging and transferring them into the country.

Koosha Setareh responded to the strong demand by the food industry for high.

Some of the activities will be announced as follows:

A) internal market:

  • Extensive activities in Isfahan and Qazvin long time in animal husbandry and Abyek
  • Major need now ziaran And provincial offices to provide support cattle breeding cattle and sheep had claimed consecutive years.

:B) Import

  • Cardboard imports and distributes frozen meat from Brazil
  • Import and distribution of mutton from Kazakhstan and Mongolia
  • Import and distribution of poultry and eggs from Turkey
  • Cardboard imports and distributes frozen beef from Poland
  • Import and distribution of live sheep from Armenia
  • Import and distribution of sheep carcass of Georgia
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Now, due to market demand, to negotiate in order to apply for import beef hot (vacuum) from Germany and Poland and Kazakhstan and have Sistan-Baluchistan province.

In addition, some of the export activities of the company are as follows:

C) export:

  • Saffron exports to the Persian Gulf states
  • Export of dried fruits and dates to the Persian Gulf states
  • Petrol, diesel and hydrocarbon exports to Afghanistan and Pakistan
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